New for 2020

The Food Journey


Local seasonal food, food miles, how can we make a difference? Learn about food, choose your own recipes and prepare meals to eat together. Who works in the food trade? Find out more and let them inspire you.

Jobs around the corner


It's closer than you think. There is an amazing array of fantastic job opportunities and career paths under our noses. Visit these local employers, explore different workplaces and talk to the people who work there.

The Poverty Trap


Inspirational charity Empathy Action are bringing their simulation to the Olympus Theatre in July 2020. find yourself immersed in a slum under the thumb of a ruthless landlord employer. Find out how to support people caught in the poverty trap.

Myths and Legends


Discover a huge shrine in the shell of the iconic Olympus Theatre. Multi-media workshops in art, sculpture, dance and meditation will transport you into the world of myths and legends.