Take time to think about your future


Get ahead of the game

Thought about your dream job? Wondered how it would be to find work locally? What do people do in their day to day work anyway? 

You might have an inkling of the type of job you would like but don't know what it entails or what training you might need. Take some time now to begin asking some questions. Join our online community and connect with people in the jobs that interest you. We can't do much face to face contact at the moment but now is a great time to check out professionals' and businesses's websites and to make contact by email. Begin finding out  what a job is really like, plan work place visits and set up meetings with a mentor for later in the year. Face to face encounters build students' confidence and equip them for interviews and rigorous selection processes. A lot of our work is on hold at the moment while we are all doing our bit to beat COVID 19, but you can make sure you are well-equipped when we come out the other side of the crisis . Sign up for our newsletter to hear about opportunities we can offer and to share your news.

Frontline jobs in 2020

Some say that our society is undergoing fundamental change as we work together to beat Coronavirus. Our ideas about who our key workers are, may well have changed in the last few weeks.


Doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, delivery drivers, supermarket employees, armed service personnel - these are the people we need the most at the moment. How much do you know about their career paths and how they found their jobs? What motivates and inspires them and how on earth do they manage to work that hard?

Work locally

It's closer than you think. There is an amazing array of fantastic job opportunities and career paths under our noses. Find out about your local employers, explore different workplaces and make a list of people you would like to talk to and visit when restrictions are lifted.

Work in the Food Industry

Our Food Journey takes young people into the world of food, food production and consumption. There are so many jobs to do in and around food - growing it, producing it, packaging it, moving it, preparing it and eating it - discover and be inspired.

We can't progress with this at the moment, but sign up for our newsletter and find out what is going on.

Meet your Mentor

One to one informal talks with inspiring professionals, practitioners and employers can really help you find your pathway. Face to face is not possible at the moment but let us know who you would like to meet and we will point you in the right direction.