Community Engagement


Help your community now

Bring a rainbow into your home. You may be lucky to have your own little community in your home. You might be driving each other mad but we are likely to be here for a while yet so let's make the most of helping each other out. Give each other some space, some help, some encouragement. Share the chores and the cooking. Let us know what you have been doing to support your family community.



Make a phone call

Cheer up elderly relatives and neighbours by ringing them up regularly. Maybe they need some shopping or just run out of tea bags. You can pop something outside their door without having any personal contact. If you have some stamps, make a card to send if they don't live nearby. They might like a jigsaw or a book to read. They might have some ideas for you such as a favourite cake recipe you could try.


Produce a newsletter

What's going on in your community? Not everyone is on FaceBook and WhatsApp and some people are overwhelmed with social media. why not dig out some photos, paste them into a Word document and make your own newsletter for the neighbours who are not connected