Community Engagement

Community engagement


Young people gain so much from helping those who need help. We can help introduce young people to elderly members of the community. Both young and old benefit from new friendships.

 "We always love visiting and it is so lovely to see Zena laughing and smiling with us." Sophie & Hannah

After Zena died, another young person who visited Zena wrote " I was so extremely lucky to have known her and I'm so thankful I did, and I will always have very happy memories of her. Although she was an elderly woman and I'm just a teenage girl, our bond was special and we helped each other in many ways just by having a  friend to talk to" Dani

Dani achieved a Kent County Council Try Angle Award for being a Friend and Young Carer to Zena.  


Let the young people take a lead


Involve young people in developing community projects to improve the environment. New Ventures Trust