Career Awareness


Our Vision

Broadening horizons and raising aspirations are crucial for young people. Working with professionals or those in skilled trades or creative sectors, students develop an understanding of what a job is really like, through work place visits and mentoring programmes. Face to face encounters build students' confidence and equip them for interviews and rigorous selection processes. 

Career Awareness in 2020

Jobs Around the Corner

It's closer than you think. There is an amazing array of fantastic job opportunities and career paths under our noses. Visit these local employers, explore different workplaces and talk to the people who work there.

Work in the Food Industry

Our Food Journey takes young people into the world of food, food production and consumption. There are so many jobs to do in and around food - growing it, producing it, packaging it, moving it, preparing it and eating it - discover and be inspired.

Meet your Mentor

One to one informal talks with inspiring professionals, practitioners and employers to help young people find their pathway 

Explore the creative sector

Look out for  a themed careers event featuring all kinds of jobs in the creative sector, both front of house, on the stage and behind the scenes.